Top Tips on Arriving Industry Awards


Participating in the Modern Barber Awards 2021 is a great opportunity to be recognized for all your hard work. From national awards such as the Modern Barber Awards to local business community awards, it’s so valuable to share your strengths – both creative and business. Here are our top tips for entering prizes to maximize your chances of bringing that trophy home.

Choose the category that corresponds to your most important strengths. Opt for fruits with low hanging. If you have a great store interior and you can show the pictures for it, getting into a category like “Best store interior sponsored by Takara Belmont” is a breeze.

Read the criteria carefully, then read them renewed, then read them renewed. A relevant portion of the award submissions miss the target because they did not meet all the criteria. If the “best versatile (photographic) hairdresser” asks for up to six different examples of work in the workshop, be sure not to send four shots of the same head of hair.

Way of providing. In particular, corporate prices require proof. Judges can’t judge what they don’t tell you, so the more the better. The measurements are great. Numbers never lie, so don’t be afraid to share what you can. No prize would share or publish your actual post without your permission. Graphs and percentages help to create a snapshot of success. For example, if you were in the running for the best business manager at the Modern Barber Awards, you marry some numbers to show the success of the company.

No waffles. Excellent, well-written information is better than something that reads like fiction. Also, be sure to stick to the word count. Jurors are going to read a lot of entries so they can have their impact.

Don’t leave it to the last Minute. Check the submission deadline first! This way, you can plan to compile your list over time and visit it again before submitting it. The submission deadline for the Modern Barber Awards is Friday, April 23rd at 5 a.m. and you can save your contribution before sending it.

See terms and conditions. Don’t get caught. For example, the Modern Barber Awards require each participant to work and reside in the UK.

The best thing about participating in the awards is that the process helps you think about how your hairdressing job and your hair salon are doing things right. A desperately needed positivity in difficult times like this.

The Modern Barber Awards will close on Friday, April 23rd at 5 a.m.

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