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Mike Taylor Education is a world-renowned and multi-award-winning barber training academy, and now offers a number of online educational resources for barbers that can be used both in a body classroom and during distance learning.

Despite the recent times and persistent bottlenecks, it is important that education continues. Teachers and learners have quickly embraced this change, and online educational resources are no longer a distress solution, but an important educational tool in the long run.

Over the past decade, Mike Taylor Education has developed an unparalleled system of high-end education that specializes in creating a solid foundation to help people succeed in their careers. And the same high standards are also applied to your digital resources.

Mike Taylor Education offers a range of in-demand courses, from the famous NVQ Course for Level 2 beginners to advanced level 3 and 4 courses. it is the ideal educational partner.

The “oven-ready” educational section, accessible through the Mike Taylor Education website, includes a combination of teaching and assessment methods for teaching a wide range of hairdressing skills and knowledge. These resources can be used with the teacher’s contribution or completely independent and can therefore be adapted to the individual needs of the learner.

With high-quality professional step-by-step barber videos, an online copy of the essential resource book on Barber Mike Taylor Education, Access to pre-recorded theory presentations, assignments and workbooks that match the knowledge required for barber NVQ levels 2 and 3 and learning standards, as well as additional support materials,

What the Courses are

Step-by-step videos including shaving, bleaching, Traditional barber, modern haircuts, head blocking work, beard trimming, trimmer maintenance and much more

Pre-prepared theoretical presentations combined with expert advice, best practices and insightful tips

Assignments and workbooks corresponding to the knowledge of levels 2 and 3 of barbier NVQ and the learning standards

Online copy of the book with essential resources on Mike Taylor “s Barber education

Additional Support Material

To learn more, visit Mike Taylor Education’s website, download the brochure, or contact Mike directly at [email protected] for an online demo of the site.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mike Taylor Education.

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