Mb Upskills Create Centre Part Hairstyle with Manifesto


Rino Riccio from Manifesto London creates a cool 90s hairstyle that will bring your customers’ lockdown locks back into shape.

This is educational content from our MB Upskills series. Every week we bring you an informative article that focuses on improving your business or creative skills during Lockdown 3.0.

Start with freshly washed hair and take a middle section to the nape of the neck.
Then cut off the crown to just behind the ear. Repeat this on both sides. Take a diagonal cut from just above the ear to the middle.

Comb the section down and cut in the baseline as shown.
Take the next section and lift the hair by 45 degrees and cut it parallel to the section that fills your hair.
Repeat this process until the last section, using your previous section as a guideline.

6. Repeat the same procedure on the other side to make a round division.

7. Make a horizontal incision above the ear.

8. Use a small section from the back to work as a guideline to continue the line to the side.

9. Take your next section and lift it slightly through your fingers. Do not use too much tension, as the ear will protrude.

10. Continue until you run out of hair and comb the hair down to refine the line.

11. Dry the hair coarsely until it is 50% dry, then apply sea salt spray. We love Davines salt spray.

12. Put the hair in place with clips to create texture and movement. To make the hair dry more naturally, use a diffuser and finish with a matte clay to give it hold without shine.

And so you create a cool 90s hairstyle that works with and not against the full-blown lockdown hair of your customers – thanks to Manifesto. Here is the finished look!

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