Barbering World Will Look Like


We asked three barbers to imagine the future of the barber in our feature film 3020: an odyssey of the barber. Expect cockroach-led dystopias, the dismantling of gender boundaries, and industry regulation (and the rise of unlawful hair salon sighs).

The illustration of these pages was created by the talented, patient and ingenious illustrator Will Marshall. It is available for commissions, so contact him by e-mail or on his Instagram.

First in the series we have jen Winters from Phoney Pony. She describes a post-apocalyptic landscape in which cockroaches reign in pompadours, and hairstyles define their status.

Kingdom of cockroaches

“In the year 3020, the Sun will be on the verge of extinction. We will be in a desert, but it will not be brutal and dark – nature will have gained the upper hand. It will be like those atmospheric-leaved theme parks where plants and trees grow uncontrollably everywhere.

The upper classes will live in huts above the trees, and the lower classes will be on the ground. Hairstyles show your status. The upper class will have beautiful hair and the poorest people will shave their heads for practical reasons such as reducing their chances of catching lice and discouraging them from hunting. The richest classes will weave precious metals into their hair, they will have dreads decorated with gold and diamonds. I imagine it will be similar to the movie a million ways to pass away in the West. There is a scene where a man enters a barber and asks for a mustache, and the barber says: “you can’t afford that mustache”.

For the lower and middle classes, fashion will be convenient. People will cover themselves with mud to protect their skin from ultraviolet radiation (there will no longer be an ozone layer). These are not punks, it certainly will not be like Mad Max with leather, nails and chains. It’s so inconvenient! Imagine getting out
to fix your truck and chains that get stuck all the time?! The world will be colder and we will be in a life of our own-more by necessity than anything else. A good spud will be our staple food. My family is Irish, so I know the power of a potato!

I think cockroaches with pompadours will be powerful, because they can survive anything. You also need to do your hair, so the hairdressers will make a pact with you. I am convinced that people will conclude a contract with the cockroaches – we simply will not be able to ignore their economic power. In terms of payment, people will exchange potatoes and food, rather than money or currency. Instead of donkeys, people have a fleet of cockroaches, like beautiful racehorses.

When it comes to socializing, I think that we will always meet face to face. After the recent times, we will do everything to be sure, we are a social species and we need contacts. If we don’t connect in person or enrich ourselves culturally, we collapse. I can imagine there could be a secret barber scene as we go through recent timess. It will be like the prohibition of the 1920s, you go through a shop to a secret hair salon. There will always be people who cut hair. Obviously, no one will trust a robot to comb themselves, since it can be programmed to execute them.”

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