Bad Review on Facebook Because of His Tattoos


Macaully Eveleigh, owner of Eveleigh Barber Co, was surprised to find a negative review on Facebook that focused on her tattoos and looks, rather than her hairdressing skills.

He shared his story with MB:

“It’s crazy to think that in 2020 people will still be judged for their appearance, not for the service they provide. I have some tattoos, including on my face, and I recently received a negative review from my Eveleigh Barber Co hair salon in Devon. I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw this at the bottom of my Facebook page overnight.

This is my very first negative review. He didn’t even mention my work as a hairdresser, he just focused on the fact that I am tattooed and the client’s prejudices about tattooed people. She insulted my intelligence, my level of maturity and suggested that I looked like a delinquent. It’s crazy that this kind of stereotype still exists!

To be honest, the review was positive for me. After I posted it on my personal page, people showed a lot of support. The hairdressers and the public were outraged that she said these things about me. This has shown me that it is actually a very small percentage of people who think that way. If something gave my hairdresser a good boost in advertising! And she was clearly pleased with her husband’s haircut, since my abilities were not even mentioned in the magazine.

I am concerned about the impact that this type of negative testing can have on people’s mental health. This could be so detrimental to someone’s self-esteem. This is an issue that is very close to my heart, because I am a great supporter and advocate of Andy’s man Club and the Lions Barber Collective. Luckily I have a solid support system, but it really could have had an impact on someone who didn’t have that.

The bottom line is that no one should be judged on his race, venereality, religion, as well as on the clothes he wears and what he wants to do or tattoo on his own body. End of.”

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